An ensignism is a story about Taylor, Alisa, Cassidy, Mckay, and Kelsey Ensign. These stories may be elaborate or mundane, but with the combined personalities of our little family, they are sure to be entertaining.

06 January 2010


So lately Cassidy enjoys dressing up her brother in girls clothes, pj's, dress ups and painting his toe nails. Mckay is happy to join in the fun. This night, early in December, the kids went upstairs to play during the Jazz game. They came down to surprise us. A little princess show of singing, dancing and adjusting the costumes lasted about 5 minutes because the kids were giggling so much they couldn't keep going.
Since this night Cassidy will dress her brother up in her own shirt, skirt and panties and they will perform for us. This usually entails a version of Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. It is typically very humorous and Taylor and I can't help but laugh. Cassidy also decided to paint her brother's toe nails red. She does an excellent job at painting and staying on the toe nails. However, she runs into a bit of a problem when she tries to dry it with a baby wipe and wipes the polish all over the rest of the toes. I think the red polish is almost all the way off, but it has been there for several weeks now.
At what point do we, as parents, become concerned that our son is dressing up as a pink princess?


Stacy said...

My brother used to dress up with me too - only he wore the green velvet dress (don't let him know I told you.) One day my dad took him out around the neighborhood to do scout stuff while he was wearing the green velvet dress. My Mom was mortified - but my dad said there is no way anyone would mistake him for a girl.

{tanner. michelle. owen} said...

Ha ha! So funny! This is serious blackmail for when he is older! Love those kids. They crack me up!